The magic of the little things

Dedicated to my dad, Arnie.

My dad passed away last year, October 2022. We celebrated what would have been his 80th birthday a few weeks ago.

Each day that passes I notice more and more of everything that that has been weaved into the fabric of my life. The deep values my dad and mom instilled in me over my lifetime. The ones that have been quietly, unnoticeably building slowly over time.

Arnie loved his garden!

A small little patch of earth that he so carefully tended to for many years. Each Spring he watched in awe of how his little garden came back to life after the long, cold winter months.

He never could quite believe it.

For years this mystery never ceased to amaze him.

He noticed the small changes.

This sleepy garden slowly waking up.

Buds that blossomed into leaves and flowers, welcoming beautiful creatures into his tiny, marvelous sliver of the natural world.

He cherished the cardinals that came to visit and the buds that always blossomed in Spring. He was fueled by each hug and moment in time that he got to spend with his family and friends.

Thanks Dad for it all!

For sharing your wonder with us.

May we continue to slow down enough to always revel in the beauty of the little things, for they become the big things.

Always in our hearts,