- Wendell Berry

Our mission

Roots 2 Rise Outdoors is dedicated to fostering confident, caring, and empathetic future leaders who are connected to protecting their environment and their communities.








Our history

Roots 2 Rise Outdoors started in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The necessity to provide a space for kids to re-connect with the natural world was evident.
Our curated experiences, led by seasoned educators, provide a space for children to expand their creativity and imagination. The need to get children outside, exploring, playing and connecting is on the rise, especially while we navigate the impact of increasing screen time and social media.

Our approach

Roots 2 Rise Outdoors is inspired from a variety of naturalists, educators, psychologists and thought leaders in education. From Richard Louv and Jon Young, the Reggio Emilia approach and Forest Schools.
We have curated a program that truly takes the lead of the kids. Our intentional program rhythm provides experiences that spark curiosity, creativity, and imagination through play. With nature as our third teacher we are guided by the weather, seasons and incredible magic that we see all around us. We just have to slow down enough to notice.

Program Rhythm

At Roots 2 Rise Outdoors, we're all about letting it flow. We have woven the rhythms of nature into the very fabric of our programs, all rooted in our core values. By mirroring the flow of the seasons, we aim to nurture inquisitive, mindful, kind, and connected kids.


Our educators look for each child's unique potential by noticing qualities such as self-awareness, enthusiasm, and curiosity. We lead by positive example, modeling respectful and kind behavior. We strive to support a love for learning and life-long passions.


Our programs celebrate individuality and cater to each child's interests. Our educators use their refined observation skills to introduce ideas that matches each child's unique interests and levels of development. Bridging the gap to connection.

We offer a unique approach to education. Prioritizing what it means to feel heard, seen, and valued.

Environmental Responsibility

What we love, we are likely to protect.
Roots 2 Rise Outdoors is dedicated to understanding our impact on the planet, and how to continously lessen our footprint. We integrate the Leave No Trace principles, striving to leave every spot we visit even better than how we found it. Every season, we take stock of our impact and make sure we are continously doing what we can to protect these amazing spaces and creatures that call these places home.

Diversity and Inclusion

Roots 2 Rise Outdoors is dedicated to working towards creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all children, staff, and families. Our fundamental objective is to support positive mental health and wellness in a natural, non-clinical setting. We recognize the importance of accommodating each child's unique needs, and we encourage open communication to ensure your child's experience in the program is exceptional.

Land Acknowledgement

Roots 2 Rise Outdoors, a small company dedicated to reconnecting children with nature in Toronto, acknowledges the land's Indigenous Peoples who have occupied and cared for it for many thousands of years. The company is committed to learning from and alongside Indigenous Peoples, understanding the ongoing impacts of colonization and residential schools. They aim to be leaders in the community by taking effective action towards truth and reconciliation. Toronto is home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit, and Métis, and is covered by Treaty 13 with the Mississaugas of the Credit. Roots 2 Rise Outdoors is dedicated to raising awareness about cultural history and contributing to inclusive and understanding communities.

Meet Robyn Broudie

Founder of Roots 2 Rise Outdoors
Meet Robyn Broudie, she has spent over a decade exploring some of the wild corners of the earth. From sleeping under starry desert skies, diving deep into the ocean, and wandering through lush rainforests, she has continued to foster her insatiable curiosity for this incredible planet. Robyn has a degree in Child Development, and has been a leader in the creation of a variety of programs that bring people closer to nature and each other.
Her heart for humanity and her passion for the natural world led her to the field of wilderness therapy. After years of guiding international trips, backcountry expeditions and facilitating adventure therapy programs for youth and young adults challenged with mental health and addictions, she has seen firsthand how nature can be fundamental in healing.
Robyn has facilitated outdoor programs for children with unique needs, including Autism, ADD, ADHD, OCD, PTSD, trauma and addictions, recognizing the foundational need for love and connection are the same for everyone. By deepening our understanding of how children learn best, Robyn and her team create a space where they can meet kids where they are at, valuing and seeing their innate nature and brilliance, and providing space and time for them to expand their unique magic.
In a world that drives separation, connection is needed now more than ever.