Roots 2 Rise Outdoors offers year round nature-based exploratory programs for children ages 2 to 10 throughout Toronto and surrounding areas.

Offering an alternative approach to education, we believe that by facilitating opportunities for children to deepen their connection to natural world, we are meeting a need that is vital to the healthy development of the whole child and dependent on the future of our environment.


Through play, children have the opportunity to organically engage in experiences that spark their own interests. We provide children the space and time they need to process the world around them.


Exploration evokes and encourages wonder and awe. Without placing timelines and pressure to accomplish a prescribed "outcome," children have the freedom to tune into themselves and the natural rhythms of the world around them.


By exploring through play, children have the space and opportunity to re-connect to themselves, each other and the natural world in a way that is determined by their own experiences.

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(Cedarvale Ravine)
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(Greystone Trails)
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(Chava Farms)
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B-Earthday Parties

We would love to celebrate your birthday with you this year! Curated experiences that meet each unique birthday child's interests.
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"Our daughter participated in the Saturday morning program. She enjoyed the walks in the forest, getting dirty, climbing the hills and looking for adventure. Robyn was an amazing leader and opened her eyes to new things. There is no other program like this. I would highly recommend."
"Both my children had the opportunity to participate in this amazing program. From day one, it was clear that the goals of the program have made an impact on both of my kids. They have become more aware of their environment when exploring the outdoors and feel more confident. It has provided them with an incredible opportunity to connect with nature and understand how to respect and care for it. It has even motivated one of my kids to be more independently active!"

"Leo really enjoyed his experience with Roots 2 Rise! We were so lucky to have found such a unique experience of getting to learn and explore the outdoors! He has many fun memories about his adventures; all the while making some great new friends!

Connecting kids with nature...just what we need more of these days!"

"My son absolutely loves his experiences with Roots 2 Rise. He has gained an appreciation for exploring nature (especially in winter), when he otherwise wouldn’t have had much opportunity to be in the forest. I am grateful this program exists and cannot wait to continue in the upcoming months (for as long as we possibly can!). Thank you Robyn for developing a program that gets kids into nature and that is super informative and fun! Outdoor exploration at its finest!”
"Robyn's program was engaging and full of fun! My 3 year old loved 'forest school' and being able to run around and explore with friends! He loved all the different programming throughout the weeks and can't wait to return for another session!"

"Roots 2 Rise is truly something so special to everyone involved. Thank you for introducing me to (what now feels like) a whole new world!"

-Roots 2 Rise Educator

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